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Lake George 2013 - Part Two

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Day two we spent the day on the water!  Or at least an hour!  We took a ride on the Minne-Ha-Ha.  A restored old steam paddle boat that does cruises around Lake George.  They talk about some of the history and the sights, but to be honest we missed most of it over the sound of the steam.

The Minne-Ha-Ha pulling in to the dock.
The steam calliope.

The old ship is really nice.  They even still have the original steam calliope on board.  They say in the old days they used to play songs to all of the tourists staying in the resorts along the shore of the lake.  Now they do the same thing and played a song as we returned to the dock after the ride!

Here are some of the views we caught from the ship.  We sat on the top deck to see the best views.  Only drawback didn't hit me until we got back to the hotel.  Sitting in one spot in the sun for an hour + first day in sandals for the summer = FANTASTIC sunburn on the tops of my feet!  

I believe this is actually a private residence.

There are a bunch of amazing resorts along the shore, as well as private houses.  Every one of them has at least a two spot boathouse in front of it.  This little shack isn't so bad!  I guess if you have to live somewhere....

My three beauties!

Great view along the lake.

Nice Braid!
We said "Say Cheese!" not Cheesey!

Hot Birthday Momma!

We went back the next day too and did some walking around again.  The girls were walking along the beach for a while and it gave me a chance to get a few more shots around the lake.

Anybody have quarters?

Great colors on these.

Sisters on the Dock of a Lake?
Take the picture already Daddy!

Last but not least we stopped for a rest and Sophia and Allie shared a Hawaiian Shave Ice.  Basically just an excuse to pour sugar into a cup, and color it blue!

Feeling the sugar rush!

Taking a load off!

So that's about it for the village.  Next up the Magic Forest.  Three words... High.  Diving.  Horse!

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